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Proudly the best looking, easiest to install, and ready to use parcel sized letterbox on the market. If you enjoy shopping online, but you can’t always be home when your parcels arrive then the doorBOX parcel delivery box could be what you need. Simply attach the doorBOX parcel delivery box to your front door when you’re expecting a package. Its as easy as that.

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The doorBOX

parcel delivery box is the easiest way to provide a secure self locking delivery box for your door to door deliveries. It simply attaches to your front door and accepts deliveries when you’re not home.

It’s ready to use straight out of the box. There’s no drilling, no concreting, no bolting, no extra bits and pieces required. So there’s no extra hidden costs involved.

The doorBOX

is a parcel delivery box made of LLDPE, a very tough plastic which is also used for military transport cases. The special securing strap is made of stainless steel. The overall box size is 40 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 45 cm high, with an internal opening of approximately 34 cm x 32 cm.

Your doorBOX

parcel delivery box is a high quality, practical, and durable solution to your parcel delivery needs.


Approximately 40 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 45 cm high




2 keys are provided for unlocking after your parcel is delivered.


Just insert the parcel and then push the lid closed to lock.


Really easy to secure to your front door.