People want to find out more about the simplest and easiest door to door parcel box available – so here’s some of the questions we get when we show people the doorBOX for the first time.


Please read our FAQ and, if your question isn’t covered, then please send us a quick message and we’ll try to help.

Simple – it’s the easiest and most convenient parcel delivery box available. It’s ready to use straight out of the box, there’s no extra installation work required, and it’ll save you time and money. It’s that simple.

Sure, we already took care of that for you. Take your doorBOX out of the carton when it arrives,  put the keys on your keyring,  secure your doorBOX to your front door,  and you’re done, its ready to use.

You need to make a note in your delivery instructions when you buy online.  Something along the lines of  - “Note to Delivery Courier: If no-one home Please leave parcel in my doorBOX  located at the front door, No Signature Required”.

Yes its secure. Its made of LLDPE, which is one of the toughest plastics available.  It’s a lot harder to break this plastic than it is to break a window of your home.  And the box has been specially engineered to include extra reinforcing to add even more strength. The special securing device is very hard for a thief to cut through if they intended to steal the whole box.  The box location, at your front door, and directly in front of the securing device, provides added security to help make the doorBOX theft resistant. The lock mechanism is similar to what is used on most cars to secure their hoods and boots.  In most cases you’ll find that your doorBOX is probably more secure than your letter box, and, because it doesn’t have glass windows that can be broken to gain entry, its probably more secure than the average home.

If you found our website, you’ve probably already experienced the joy of coming home and finding a “sorry we missed you” card in your letter box and having to make a trip to the Delivery Depot to pick up your door to door parcels. If you get a doorBOX  your letterbox will stay exactly where it is, and continue to receive your letters, while your doorBOX securely receives the parcels that are being delivered to your door while you’re out.

If you live in an apartment building with access control then you probably won’t be able to utilize a doorBOX. We suggest you check with your front desk and ask if they’ll accept your parcel deliveries for you.

If this happens then, as the first courier would have closed your doorBOX, the second delivery can’t be delivered into your box. It probably means your second delivery won’t be left and you’ll have to go to the courier depot to collect it yourself. To prevent this from happening try to spread out your buying and deliveries so that only one parcel arrives each day.

If the parcel doesn’t fit then looks like you’ll be up for another trip to the courier depot. Sorry, but we tried to size the doorBOX so that greater than 90% of parcels could fit. But sorry, we couldn’t make it as big as a house, so there’s occasionally going to be big stuff people buy that just won’t fit.

If you have a security type screen door that’s designed to keep out intruders then you should be able to use it in place of your front door to secure your doorBOX. There is a photo of this method here.
If you have a light weight screen door that’s only good for keeping out bugs then you should leave it open and still use your front door to secure your doorBOX. There is a photo of this method here. Be careful that a corner of the doorBOX doesn’t damage your screen, you might want to use something to hold the screen door open and away from your doorBOX

If neither of these options works for you then you might need to look at securing your doorBOX using your garage door. There is a photo of this method here. The doorBOX securing strap allows for a door thickness of up to 60mm. So, if the bottom section of your garage door is less than 60mm thick you should be able to use your garage door to secure your doorBOX. This method works with most Roller Doors, and Tilt-a-doors, and many other panel type garage doors.

Then definitely buy yourself a doorBOX. It simply and securely attaches to your front door without drilling any holes in anything.

In most cases this won’t be a problem provided it doesn’t protrude in front of the door more than 10-12mm. Most draft excluders are flexible and will still allow the securing device to be passed along the bottom of the door into the required position. If you have a draft excluder that protrudes more than 12mm when your door is closed then please contact us before buying your doorBOX and we’ll arrange for a special longer version of the securing strap to be provided with your order.

We hear you – you’ll have none of those issues with your new doorBOX. Its as simple as your letterbox. There’s no scanning, no PIN codes provided by 3rd parties, no automatically changing codes, no batteries. Its plain and simple so less can go wrong.

Sure you can. Some customers prefer a more permanent installation than using the built-in securing strap to attach their doorBOX to their door, and if you're handy you can easily use screws to attach your doorBOX to another part of your house like your verandah or patio floor. We recommend you use a pan head screw in each corner and oversized washers to help prevent the screw heads from being pulled through the plastic wall of the doorBOX if someone tries to steal the whole doorBOX.

As most online grocery shops will try to deliver at a nominated time, we recommend you try to arrange your grocery type deliveries for when you’ll be there, especially if your grocery shopping includes perishables.

Of course. In fact we’ll ship to most countries, just contact us and let us know your address and we’ll get back to you with a shipping cost to deliver your new doorBOX to wherever you are.

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